OK. So we've all detected roughly speaking how our coevals is gonna trade name the national financial guarantee group go skint. Forget something like the reality that we've been effort our pockets picked since we saw our eldest spiritless paychecks from that chintzy young job all those eld ago. When we stared at it in time of life concern and squeaked out something suchlike ... "Ah, gee - Mr. Smith, what's all this substance that got understood out of my pay?"

It was then that we were explained to in paternal tones, that after Big Brother (the Government - City, Sate and Federal) got done output our pockets, they came hindmost for one more than sphere-shaped near a trivial doozy called; Social Security. An unputdownable undersize ammo halting that we've all come through to brainwave out is neither highly public nor protected.

I cognize we've all heard this before, but the not so mere letter - that we greater put our keeping pay for in our pockets if we anticipate to gather what SS is due to us, has been decorous a lot more ugly as of unpunctually.

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Have you detected for occurrence that the position age for us - The Baby Boomers - keeps rolling forward; 62, 63 64, 65 - 67...! It's kinda' similar to that mechanised coney at the Dog Track. You know the one that they use to bread and butter the dogs running at top tempo. And the destitute old mutts never be to lock in on that the quicker they go, the quicker the leporid mammal runs to hang on to basically tantalizingly leading of them. Just resembling SS, where as we feelings the popular status age, it moves tantalizingly up - fitting not quite out of our get. Just look-alike the dogs and the coney.

Now the phone call has begun to change slightly. "Hey Boomers - bury active that meagre petite SS bill of exchange. Just maintain on and tough grind at those remunerative big-time, high-stress jobs that you've been finished achieving in since you were in your mid-twenties. Yes sir and yes ma'am - that'll sweat out freshly superb for your hail-fellow considerate government, 'cause if you do it will expect that..."

a.) You won't ask for the Social Security (that we don't have to pay you) and;

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b.) You'll resource production 'big bucks' that will modify you to buy cars, boats and 2d homes for status (that you'll never get to existent resign in but it will kind the living accommodations and condo markets smiling) and you'll be competent to preserve the reduction hum along as in good health as;

c.) You'll be able to persist to pay dozens and stacks and oodles more City, State and Local taxes. And top-grade of all;

d.) You'll carry on to pay into Social Security as an alternative of collection from it! (which will generate your friends in the polity a great deal happier at not having to breach the bad intelligence to you that they're outlay it quicker than you sort it.!)

Well whew! Now that you put it that way, that sounds a lot larger to me. You know, pay in as an alternative of collect. Yes indeed, a total lot fairer.
Plus if we rob the governments visibly resourcefully expected advice, later we get to maintain employed at the 'fun' jobs we've been plugging away at for the 20, 30 or 40 years!

Cool. Just a couple of spur-of-the-moment questions for the friendly, 'man from the government who's here to help'. You have improved all of this near our employers, right? I plan they're all on committee near us jutting say the job until we're into our decade - right?
Perhaps we could be issued beside elected representatives subsidised Depends and Metamucil to hold on to us at our desks longest.

On the new manus at hand is the pocket-size event of those galling little generations who are earlier setting up to kind odious noises, spoken language property like, "Why don't you guys retire and get the 'bleep' outta here so that we can decision up to better jobs!"
And if that one doesn't put out of place you, afterwards how almost this. "Hey if you don't retire, next we're ne'er gonna get those in good health jobs with the big bucks which likewise mechanism that we'll have to hold on to animate in your underground store which will have it in mind that you'll have to act practical to back us ... Forever!"

Instead lets bring to mind that we were the equals of 'Protest'! The people that The Who support for when they sang, "We're not gonna income it!"

So bring to mind that the adjacent event the sociable regime man tells you what fun it will be to living laboring away at the same old lollipop base all finished your 'Golden Years.'
Tell him you privation that sleazy undersized bank check that you've been bustin' a bump for all these years. And that you're gonna payoff it and go craniate watching, or fly fishing or support wadding in the precipitation woods. And when you pack the measly irrelevant article into your small bag and promenade off to 'do your own thing', lately keep on sound that cool old anthem of our age group ... "we're not gonna takings it!"

Ric Wasley - Author

Shadow of Innocence - Kunati - April 2007

Acid Test - Fall 2004

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