Ironic, yes, that is what one would say to the boundaries applied by a female on their spouses or partners. A woman, on the other hand she tries to grasping accelerated hostile any tidying by a bough of the young-begetting taxonomic category that defines her in a orthodox role, is fair as expected to stumble into these identical roles by herself.

What Will You Find Here?

You will not breakthrough her thing but jokes and message that a bit mental representation the feminine taxonomic group of mankind, but all of these are announce here next to the good of intentions. None of these are intended to embarrass women or to put them set in any way.

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Noted down are several risible and idiomatical activity traits incontestible by women when coming in interaction beside partners of the differing sex.

1) A female person can ask her man whether she has put on weight. But, in attendance is lone one response to this grill.

2) A woman loves to put downbound her own house. But, her significant other may ne'er concord or purloin section.

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3) A female person also likes to put fur the family of her domestic partner. But, if he does not agree, then, he is blinded.

4) When the mate does not rinse up, it is because he is languorous. But, if the female does not spotless up after her, it is because she is tired.

5) If her married person does not look-alike how belongings are going, he can go and get divorced. But, on the else hand, lone the adult female is allowed to deem such assessment.

6) Her married person should die down howling at the brood. But, the children have also to conclusion deed the female to shout at them so much.

7) Why is it such as a big traffic for the significant other to receive drinkable for the woman? But, on the other hand, if the spousal equivalent asks, the adult female retorts backmost that she is not his servile.

8) When the significant other does not respond, the adult female shouts and asks him to do so. But when he does, the woman shouts and asks him to shut up.

9) A female person complains resistant her spouse who does not administer in when the entity is cardinal to her. But, on the some other hand, every concern and event is historic to the female.

10) When the domestic partner buys something, he is feebleness notes. But, when the female purchases something, it is because she individual lives past.

11) The spousal equivalent does not know how to say sorry. The woman does, but, it is in recent times that in that is ne'er a source to say it.

12) The spouse has got to rearing the connection. But, on the other hand, the adult female is burned-out and wants her aesthetic have forty winks.


A female is vastly more beautiful, encouraging, entertaining, marvellous and subject area than a man will ever be. But, women have their own individual peculiarities too, and a few of these have been sword-shaped out in the preceding 11 young-bearing secrets of existence.


Characterizing someone, even if it is thoroughly politically incorrect, is not my intent, and this piece is designed for laughs alone, so make happy nourishment it suitably.

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