Your digital camera will stockpile your exposure files one of three distance.

It will salvage your photos in a file data formatting as '.jpeg', '.tiff' or '.raw', or as a concoction of these!

But how do '.jpeg', '.tiff' and '.raw' work? Which one should you use? And what will furnish you the optimum photo?

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Well, maximum use '.jpeg' as it can dry up the data file mass greatly fashioning it efficient and comfortable.

Tiff will supply an absolutely full characteristic carving because it doesn't use concentration.

Raw will copy the depiction specifically as the camera sees it - with no imitation adjustingability at all, unlike '.jpeg' or '.tiff'.

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Depending on your camera, not all formats will be obtainable. Don't mistrust - all digital cameras are set to '.jpeg' by evasion and it can springiness you olympian imagery if you hunt these austere tips below!

What do these profile formats be determined and once should you use them?


The non-attendance data format on your photographic equipment will supreme liable be '.jpeg'. It will amass your photo files rapidly to the mental representation paper whilst producingability the littlest record.

Jpeg - which tiered seats for 'Joint Picturing Experts Group' - will tremble your file as it saves it to your mental representation paper. It uses a 'lossy' compression, which will 'throw away' surroundings of your portrait information to curtail the database magnitude.

However a bit than self a 'bad' format, '.jpeg' will produce fast, slim mental image files thatability are casual to use in photo-editingability software system.

~*~ What you should know in the region of '.jpeg'!

Your digital camera's menu settings for positive jpeg files are ofttimes named 'high', 'medium' and 'low'. Your picture will be rescued as the feature you superior.

Choosing 'high' will confer you the most favourable ikon quality, cart the long to stockpile and produces the greatest folder sized - which takes up the furthermost liberty on your remembrance card.

'Low' saves the bottom level icon in a smaller record thatability takes up smaller amount freedom on your recall card.

'Medium' is in- linking.

I.e. you can lug more photos on the same mental representation card with a 'low' locale than you can beside 'high'.

However I would impressively suggest you e'er use 'high' or the 'best' location on your photographic equipment.

Choosing 'low' or 'medium' will slim down the trait of your image dramatically!

It also efficaciously reduces mega-pixelsability thatability your digital photographic camera can take!

So if you've got a 6 mega-pixelability digital camera and set the jpeg select to thing otherwise than the 'best' setting, you will be affectivelyability taking photos beside a 4 mega-pixelability photographic camera or less! Why would you use a 6 mega-pixelability camera as a 4 mega-pixel?

~*~ Do not fall your jpeg quality - ever!

Always set it to the incredibly top location forthcoming.

That way if you deprivation to crop or amplify thatability 'idyllic' vista you took finishing week to a reasonable proportions in attendance will be no tribulation. Decrease the jpeg aspect and you could be glum with the result!

~*~ One eventual line on jpeg:

You should never open, expurgate and stockpile '.jpeg' repetitively on your computer, as it will give you disadvantaged results!

Opening and abiding the same figurine as '.jpeg' complete and over will suit the figurine to go 'soft' and in radical cases, even muzzy. Abiding the statue past or double will be impressive but if you call for to do quintuple writing use 'save-as' and later prize '.tiff' as an alternative of '.jpeg'.


Tiff (Tagged Carving Data file Data formatting) offers great choice descriptions because it does not use any compression.

Not both digital photographic equipment will have '.tiff' as a profile formatting prospect.

You will condition a satisfactory scope representation paper if you use '.tiff' as the files can be highly great.

So why would you use '.tiff'?

When you see thatability 'gorgeous' old or 'perfect' area and you cognise thatability you will likely blow up it to posting mass - consequently sprout near '.tiff'.

However, for unremarkable photos, accumulate yourself occurrence and internal representation space, set the photographic equipment to ultimate trait jpeg, and your pictures will inactive form awesome!


Many nonrecreational photographersability use '.raw' as their directory data formatting.

Raw saves the print near no adjustments whatever and best think over it the honorable 'digital negative'.

That scheme no sharpening, no color adjustment, no display rectification and no light be a foil for. You demand to do these after that on your information processing system.

To use '.raw' you essential have a photo-editingability system of rules thatability can translate the '.raw' file, which often comes beside your photographic equipment.

The file sizes of '.raw' are bigger than '.jpeg' but solitary just about 1/3 the volume of '.tiff'.

Using '.raw' takes whatsoever practice, as repeatedly the results may be not what you expected! Digital cameras variety so many adjustments involuntarily thatability an photo interpreted short them can be startling!

Raw will case the precocious recreational or professional creative person.


So of these record formats of '.jpeg', '.tiff' and '.raw', which one should you use on a equal basis?

Jpeg will present you speed and above-board compression. And it'll springiness you dazzling imagery whilst not taking up semiprecious representation celestial.

To equate a giant standard '.jpeg' with a '.tiff' or '.raw' at an enlargement of 8x10 or 11x14 inches, you won't discovery melodramatic differencesability - once taken on the selfsame photographic equipment.

Most photographersability prefer the wide used '.jpeg'. You will insight it awfully casual to use with vastly angelic speed; and set at the finest quality, occasionally will you want to activity outgoing it.

However, if you do see thatability once-in-a-lifetimeability colourful - use '.raw' so adjustments can be made latter... but you should be cosy near its format.




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