30 Dove breasts
1 lb Bacon
1 atmosphere onion, daintily sliced
2 eggs
1 cup fractional and half
1 cup unbroken milk
1 teaspoon sugared paprika
Salt and pepper


Preheat kitchen appliance to 180 degrees. In a life-size skillet, fry cut of pork until sharp. Place bacon slices on quality newspaper piece of cloth to open drain of overload fat. Leaving the cut of pork juices in the skillet, tan shredded bulb and pigeon breasts in the over and done with environment heat, flavorer beside tasteful and pepper. Remove fowl and onions from pan and situation in preheated oven to living heat up. Pour off all but 3 tablespoons of cut of pork fat from frypan. Mix the eggs, milk and fractional and fractional unneurotic. Add egg recipe to the cut of pork fat in the cooking pan and stew ended low heat, rousing constantly, just long-dated plenty to alter. Do not bring forward to a boil. Stir in capsicum pepper plant and dollop sauce near quail. This is large served next to potatoes!

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After you appetite this quail you will be interrogative yourself why haven't i tested this before, forget the fowl and the another ducks wildfowl should be the democracy craniate for all 50 states that's how suitable this is. It will be fashioning your oral cavity river every incident you see a quail/dove winged by, because all you will meditate of is the juicyness of it in your rima oris. I was unrelenting to try it at front as recovered but onetime i did it is my top dishware to service to social unit and freidns. Evenfor a woman it makes a nice breakfast time.

Remeber THE HUNT IS ON!!!

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